A Beginner’s Guide to Google+

Posted on: 9th October 2017.


Google+ growing social network, with over 3.5 million users it is quickly becoming a hotspot for small businesses to connect with their target audience. The site pretty much entered the market in the top 5 and combination of visual and written content posted by users on the interest-based network has kept it there.

So, here are our tips for getting Google+ right, as a small business:

Set Up a Business Page

When you have created a personal profile, you should set up a business page. Personalising your business page will encourage engagement and allow your target audience to easily identify your brand. Make sure that all your business details are up to date on the page and that your website and all other social media channels are connected allowing your customers to easily find you. Once the page is set up anything you post from that moment onwards is a direct reflection of your brand, so be careful!


Content is King

Posting content that is irrelevant to your business or your target audience will only hinder the success of your Google+ channel. For example, if a gym owner were to post a recipe for a big chocolate cake, they are likely to attract the wrong audience to their page. Keep this in mind when you’re posting, try to post interesting and relatable content that get you discovered and make potential customers want to interact with your brand.




Take time on Google+ and all your other social network platforms to interact with your target audience and local businesses. By following and engaging with their (relevant) content, you will benefit your brand’s reputation and increase the chances of getting your business found. Google+ Communities are a fantastic way of keeping your target audience connected, find communities that you think your target audience might be interested in and join them. You could also create your own group with the specific interest as your business or your industry, you can use the group to involve your audience in direct conversation.


Circles are perfect for business owners who have a diverse range of products and services or those who sell to different industries. Google+ allows you to create a circle to allow you to control who you are sharing posts with, anyone that you add to a circle will be notified, this works as an encouragement for them to check out your posts.


Google+ is a growing social network with features that are perfect for promoting your small business and is now available on our Strategic and LIVE Social Media Campaigns, find our more at www.retortal.com.



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