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Branded social media dashboard for your customers. Analyse and replicate social media success. Monitor for compliance. Huge stock library of brand conscious social media content. The list goes on...

What you do

Introduce your customers

What we do

Technology & infrastructure

Customer support

Social media compliance

Social media training

Social media content

Conversion & retention

Just a few benefits of our service:

Social Media Superstars

Your branded social media management dashboard quickly transforms customers to social media superstars (including novices).

Amplified marketing

The branded dashboard broadens visibility and effectiveness of any marketing message by tracking and amplifying social success.

Social Success

Branded social training increases social media success, which is reflected directly in increased revenue and growth for the customer.

Suggested Content

Optionally, work with our content team to create an endless supply of social media posts for your users that WORK for your brand.

Landing Page Website

We can (optionally) automatically create a beautiful branded website landing page for each user. Allowing a call to action from their social posts.

Generate targeted leads

Introduce new customers and amplify your marketing messages. Our analytics will find the most effective social media recipe for your brand.

A super-powered marketing tool for your brand!

You'll earn a hefty monthly revenue from your Pro users whilst running highly targeted ads to your free users.

We give you all the tools you need (even marketing guidance) to build up a huge user base and a substantial monthly revenue.

You promote your free dashboard. We'll handle the technology, conversion & retention, infrastructure, support, billing etc. You'll find the adoption rate HUGE.

Further increase your monthly revenue by offering our Content Writing Service (see pricing) to users who can't find the time to manage their own social accounts.

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