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Find out why Emma Cooper (a top Forever Living Business Owner) says “I can’t imagine my business without it”

“Introducing a major leap forwards in control over social media”

Retortal has a rapidly expanding base of tens of thousands of users affiliated to a growing number international brands which are taking control of their social media marketing.


The dashboard allows business owners to manage their Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest social media accounts from a central location, all within the direct selling company brand.


Allows a complete social media novice to start benefiting from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest from their first day as a business owner.


A huge library of high quality, compliant, social media content starts the business owner on their journey in direct selling.


Business owners can find high quality, relevant, social media content to post from YouTube, Google Alerts & News, Trending Content and much more.


The dashboard allows both novice users and seasoned social media experts to quickly find relevant #hashtags and use them in their social media content.


The dashboard contains a high quality library of images, including multiple shots of images, lifestyle images and pre-prepared ads. A search function allows relevant images to be found and added to a social post in seconds.


The dashboard allows novice users the ability to quickly and easily create high quality custom image posts, encapsulated in templates that are custom made for the direct selling brand. Multiple branded templates are included as well as over 50 generic templates. All user added text is verified via the social compliance engine.


The dashboard can be configured with the facility to allow business owners to quickly and easily create a fully branded landing page website that they can use in their own promotions and social posts. The website contains links to the business opportunity and shop that contain the correct country codes and business owner IDs.


The quicklink system allows business owners to insert correctly formatted links to the direct selling shop, opportunity page or landing page with their business owner id incorporated.


Traditional “ReTweet” and “Share” can optionally be replaced with “Repost”. Repost scans the social item for links that contain a business owner ID and automatically replaces it with the correct business owner id of the dashboard user, before being reposted. It even unpacks and other links that are shortened.


The dashboard monitors all social media content, including text content added to images, ensuring it is compliant with the direct selling company’s social media guidelines (different compliance rules can apply in different countries if required.)

All this on top of the current platform benefits.

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