Freemium White Label Social Media Management Platform Launching at Ad:Tech London 13th-14th Oct 2015

Posted on: 6th October 2015.

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Awesome news! After more than a year of hard work, we are rolling out our FREEMIUM white label social media management dashboard for final testing today!

We are officially launching at ad:tech next week (Oct 13th – 14th) but the platform is being rolled out to existing resellers this week.

Our freemium model allows you to sign up 10s or 100s of thousands of free users, and gain a monthly revenue stream from users upgrading to PRO (you set your own monthly price!).

The cherry on top is that you also get a comprehensive marketing system that allows you to run ads to your free users for your other products or services. Not only do you get LASER targeted, precision ads, you also get RED HOT sales leads, as any click is tracked, and you get full details including Name and Email Address of any ad click!

Today our website has undergone a huge change to reflect our new freemium platform focus.

There is nothing quite like it anywhere in the world. You’re going to love it. High conversion rates and low user churn. Stacking up a healthy monthly revenue stream has never been easier.

We look forward to more posts over the coming weeks and months.

If you haven’t signed up as a reseller already… now’s the time!


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