How To Convert Your Users From Basic To Pro

Posted on: 4th March 2016.

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If your basic members aren’t upgrading and you have a low conversion rate, that’s might be because you’re not seeking out qualified traffic for your site. You can tackle this with a few easy steps which will create a consistent user journey from first contact to upgrading to Pro.


Avoid Misleading Ads

This platform is subscription based, so you shouldn’t use the term ‘totally free’ in your marketing. Not only is this misleading, but it means you’ll get the wrong kind of customer landing on your site. If someone signs up expecting an always free service, it isn’t likely that they will pay to upgrade.

Tailor Your Marketing Activity To Your Audience

Whether your site is for caterers, tailors or all small business owners you should ensure that all your marketing efforts are relevant to your specific audience. Use language and imagery which relates to your target users.

Be Consistent Across Your Ads And Landing Pages

Provide your users with a smooth transition between your ads and your site. If you’re marketing to a niche, such as hairdressers, your domain name and imagery should make this clear. If your keywords are “social media for hairdressers”, make certain your landing page reinforces that your service is targeted at hairdressers.

Optimise Your Ads And Landing Pages

Design your landing pages to make signing up to the platform as straightforward as possible. Tempting people to sign up should be the focal point of your page. A simple structure providing minimal distraction from the registration form is often an effective choice. You might want to split-test different designs or layouts to determine which version delivers the best conversion rate.

Continue To Optimise

You should test several variations of your sign up page to achieve a high rate of registration. Campaign optimisation is crucial if you want to continue to improve your conversion rate. For example, if you’re looking at paid traffic you should test varied ad text, keywords and your budget.

If you’d like additional advice on increasing your conversion rate, get in touch with our team who will be happy to help.



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