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Posted on: 17th October 2017.

So now you’re up to date with the benefits of social media management, you can move on to selling it. Selling your social media dashboard as a small business may prove difficult when faced with comparisons to global brands such as Buffer. We’ve written up our top tips for you when marketing your social media dashboard…


When pricing your dashboard, you need to make sure that you cover all your own costs and make a good ROI (Return on Investment). A lot of marketing can be done for free but by investing cleverly in targeted ads will help you can grow a very profitable platform. Remember: you can change your prices at any time and it won’t affect your current customers!

Email Marketing

Use email templates to improve your customer relationship management, you can save these inside the dashboard and use them every time a new client comes on board. Use a mix of graphical and text emails over a period of 6-12 weeks to engage diverse types of customers and ensure a good sign-up rate on every send.

Top Tip: Make sure any content you’re sending out by email is relevant, interesting and engaging, this way you’ll avoid becoming a spammer.

Niche Marketing

It is a known fact that people buy from like-minded people (usually those who share their values in some way), you can apply this to your dashboard. As a reseller, you can have ad many accounts as you like meaning you can become a specialist in any industry! For example, if you offer LondonSocial to Londoners, ChicagoSocial to businesses in Chicago and even HealthCareSocial to business in the health sector they are more likely to sign up with you.


Blogging should be considered an essential part of your business, it can be used to drive high quality, targeted visitors to your website. Posting around 10 blog articles a month will be enough to get the maximum benefit from your blog and the best thing is, it’s FREE. The only cost associated with blogging is the time it takes for you to write the articles. Each post should contain information that relates to your social media dashboard and how it benefits your users, avoid writing in a “sales” tone of voice and your customers will naturally be excited about your service.

Social Media

Staggering numbers of potential customers are logging onto the top social media sites daily, making these sites the perfect place to promote your dashboard. Whilst these channels are predominantly consumer dominated there are still millions of SME/SMB businesses try to attract their own audience. Use social media ads to grow your B2B campaign, they are relatively cheap and highly targetable meaning you’ll see a huge sign-up rate.


Who does your audience love? Partnering with anyone who has the ear of your target audience is a straightforward way to increase sign up rates. Newsletter Owners, Social Media Influencers, Business Forum and Business Directory Owners etc. are always looking for ways to grow their own platform, you could even offer them free ads on your network!


We all know the struggles of making it to the coveted first page of Google and the increased sales that come with this. SEO and PPC both require extensive research, make sure that you are picking phrases that are not too competitive and you are keeping them up to date to continue to drive huge targeted traffic to your website.


You know when you look at an item on Amazon and now it’s everywhere you go? Retargeting refers to the process in which those annoying ads follow you around the internet. The two retargeting platforms we’ve found easiest to use are and, you’ll just need to get a few graphical banners designed and you’re ready to go!

Split Testing

Finding out what makes your audience respond best is the key to marketing success, next time you go to send out your email marketing messages use a split test! Randomise your text file and split it in half, send one marketing message to one half and one to the other. If you use a software such as MailChimp, you will be able to see which message is being opened the most, this gives you a design guide for any future campaigns.

Marketing is always about thinking outside of the box, hard graft and often patience. Always keep going. A marketing “failure” is never a failure, it can show you what doesn’t work and what you should build your campaign on next time.

Now, read how to close the deal.



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