Branded Social Management Dashboard/Platform

Supply your customers with a social media management dashboard in your brand that helps that makes managing their Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts simple.

A few benefits to your users:

Simplifies social media

All social media interaction is in one place with a single login to the easy to use, intuitive dashboard which works smoothly on desktop, tablet & mobile.

Saves time

Easily find relevant and engaging content, create high impact image posts with zero Photoshop experience and schedule it all in advance.

Performance measuring

Measure best performing content / hashtags, find optimal times of day to post & easily reschedule most successful content.

An awesome social management dashboard for your users...

Your customers will have an awesome social media management platform, in your brand, that will make them social media superstars. You get tons of benefits, and so do your customers.

Your clients will LOVE you and your brand for giving them a time saving tool. They can schedule social posts for any time in the future, access a library of pre-prepared social content (depending on your use) and create stunning visual posts with over 60 templates (including branded templates if required) and over 1 MILLION stock photographs. There's also Hashtag Research, Content Research and much, much more to supercharge their use of social media. You can (optionally) gain an ongoing revenue stream or run ads on the free platform for your other services. Highly configurable. Call us today to find out what we could achieve for you...

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