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Posted on: 11th February 2016.

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Social media: a fantastic way for any franchise to promote their products online. Staying in control of what gets published about your brand by your franchisees on social media isn’t always easy.  As the owner of a franchise company how do you stay in control about what is published about your brand? Keeping on top of multiple social media accounts is time consuming but with our dashboard we can put you back in control and save you time.

Stay in control

We can provide you with a social media dashboard (in the brand of your franchise) that you can give to all your franchisees without it costing you a penny.  It enables you to review every item of social media that your franchisees are scheduling about your brand, therefore keeping you in complete control regardless of who is writing the social media content.

The benefits to you

The dashboard isn’t just a useful social media tool.  It can also benefit your franchise in the following ways:

  1. You get your own social media dashboard in your brand. By making sure your franchisees use your social media dashboard you stay in complete control wherever they are based in the world.
  2. It can extend the reach of your brand through the use of powerful social media recommendations.
  3. You can advertise your products and services within it.
  4. It can generate leads for your brand.
  5. You can make a residual income from it.
  6. There is no cost to you to introduce this.

Additional benefits to large franchise owners

If your franchise is large enough we can also offer additional benefits:

  1. We can provide suggested content about your product or service that the franchise can use to schedule into their social media feeds.
  2. We can create custom coded image templates with your brand for your franchisees to use and upload product images into.
  3. We can upload pre-approved images (supplied by you) to use within the Visual Composer (there is an easy to use image creator tool within the dashboard).
  4. We can tell you which social media content is the most engaging across all your franchisees so that others can replicate this on their social media accounts.

The benefits for your franchisees

The dashboard is super easy to use, carries your logo and colour scheme and runs off your domain name.   There are lots of reason why your franchisees will love using the dashboard which include:

  1. It saves them time when they are planning their social media.
  2. There is an awesome (and easy to use) Visual Composer which enables them to create professional looking images within the dashboard and without having to use PhotoShop.
  3. They can manage their social media accounts on various networks all in one place.
  4. They can easily find engaging content to include within their social media accounts using the fabulous Content Research tool.
  5. They can see statistics on how effective their social media content has been.

Retortal’s software is used by thousands of companies around the world but you will never see our brand on any dashboard.

If you should decide to use Retortal, or would like to find out more information, please get in contact today.


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