Social Media Trends Dominating 2017

Posted on: 28th September 2017.

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We know that social media is always changing and as a small business you should too. Staying on top of the trends amongst your target audience is the easiest way for your brand to gain social media success, make sure you’re not missing out.

We’ve done our research and here are the top social media trends dominating 2017:


Ephemeral Content

In 2017, every social media channel is integrating videos into their platforms. The active support and development of videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest and Google+ have stemmed from the success of the video based platform YouTube. Ephemeral content refers to the short-lived content which expires after a certain amount of time, this is currently being supported on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook and is perfect for businesses who want to share content with their followers.

Forget ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’, how about a video? Use video content to share snapshots of what’s going on with your business! Whether it be a new store opening, a new product, an upcoming event or even allowing your customers to get to know your team. Whatever the subject, videos that resound with your target audience are likely to have higher engagement than simply writing a post.



Social Messaging

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber and WeChat together have more users than Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram combined. Social messaging sites can be used internally and externally to support your business.

You can use chat apps internally to share and receive information, pictures or videos instantly from your team when working on a project. Social messaging apps can also be used externally when dealing with your customers, chats are perfect for answering customer queries, developing sales leads and general customer engagement. HolidayPirates have recently employed a perfect use of social messaging apps where they send holiday deals directly to the Whatsapp messages of anyone who has signed up. Chatbots are also a great way of using messengers to communicate with the customer to improve your customer service.

BUT, make sure the app you’re using is personalised to your business and if you want to chat directly with a customerthen wait for them to approach you, that means don’t spam every follower you get on Facebook with a ‘hello’ message.



Fake News

Every year more and more people use social media as their main source for news and with that comes “fake news”, articles deliberately generated by sites to circulate inaccurate information about current events. These bogus news stories are usually written to negatively influence public opinions about people, events and industries.

Your business can counteract this by becoming an expert in the industry! Build your credibility by doing your research and sharing relevant news from reliable sources, your customers will appreciate your honesty.




Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat all offer users ways of purchasing products through the app with call-to-action “Buy Now” and “Learn More” buttons. According to a survey from Aimia, 56% of consumers have followed brands on social media in the past to browse their products and 31% of consumers say they’re using social media to look specifically for new products to purchase.

As a small business or a reseller, you can really make use of this by targeting your ads and allowing potential customers to easily access information about your business and use retargeting ads to persuade prospects in to make purchase decisions.



Have you noticed anything else making a splash on social media this year? Let us know below.




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