Top 6 Tips For Branding Your Social Media Pages

Posted on: 23rd February 2016.

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Your business’s branding is how audiences identify and remember you, a vital part of any marketing strategy; but how can you translate your branding onto Social Media?

We’ve all done it, got caught up in the pretty backgrounds that Twitter offers or made a Facebook Cover Photo that nice shade of purple you love. But this isn’t branding.

Keeping things consistent across all your platforms (no matter how many you have) is vital for your target audience to instantly recognise you.

Have you ever visited a major brand on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest and had to second guess if you’re on the right page? The answer is no!

Want their secret? It’s not under lock and key. The secret is simplicity, consistency and a few free, helpful online tools.

Here are 6 top tips to style up your Social Media channels like an absolute pro.

1) Pick a colour scheme

It may seem trivial, but your colours are vital not only to your branding, but to how your fans and followers perceive your business.

This handy infographic from Entrepreneur helps you understand what your specific logo colour is telling potential customers – check it out!

What Does the Color of Your Logo Say About Your Business banner

Pretty simple right? Obviously the big players have the advantage of being multinational, global organisations so if Starbucks changed their logo to a large red monkey, they would still probably be a success. However, if you’re trying to build a following, it’s best to stick to colours that denote your business’s personality.

If you’re trying to build a colour scheme, less is more, but contrasting is also your best friend. You might have two colours, you might even have four, but stick to them. Too much can confuse people and scream ‘personal page’ – your Facebook profile background is plain white, so it’s a great blank canvas for you to inject a little colour elsewhere.

But which colours?

You want to stand out from every other average Joe on Twitter or Facebook right? If you want a scheme that stands out, Pinterest is full to the brim with colour palettes, swatches and schemes to inspire you – set aside some time to explore and get colour confident. We’ve even made our own Pinterest board for you to get you started!

2) Cover Photo

This is your shop window, your free advertising space to do exactly as you wish, so be smart with it.

Utilise the large space the cover photo provides to display your newest or most popular product, or to promote a campaign. Your cover Photo is the first thing visitors see when they visit your page, the same goes for your Twitter background.

“90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text.” (3M Corporation and Zabisco)

So BIG visuals are what we want here, something to grab attention and keep it for as long as possible.

There’s nothing wrong with a small amount of text but it needs to be short, punchy and easy to read, a great place to re-iterate your company slogan OR a specialised campaign motto or hashtag you’re try to push.

Want to design your own?

A few great tools you should definitely utilise are stock photography and font websites if you’re looking to create your own masterpiece.

Read 17 Amazing Sites With Breathtaking Free Stock Photos from BootStrapBay to get the photography you need absolutely free!

DaFont lets you install THOUSANDS of fancy fonts for your personal use that are ideal for creating graphics for your Social Media.

3) Profile Photo

You may photograph well, but much of time, your face isn’t going to be symbol of recognition for your business – even Richard Branson doesn’t plaster his face all over the Virgin twitter page. This is a great chance to showcase your logo if it is the right fit for the job, try to avoid too much detail as you only have a small space to fill – keep it simple.

Your image needs to be good quality to encourage a strong following, check out this Social Media sizes cheat sheet to get the right size for the right platform. Every major Social network is listed here with their updated sizes for 2016 for you to get ahead of the game!

If you can use the same profile photo for every account, great! It adds consistency to your message and let’s your audience know who you are without having to read a single word. Check out this example of Starbucks Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Their profile picture is always the same, creating great consistently across multiple platforms.



4) Photo Gallery

We all know that images are one of the main ingredients to encourage engagement, but how do you create a recipe for success?

Keeping a constant flow of images throughout your Facebook and Twitter profile lets fans and followers see your creative side without having to read any long updates. You don’t want to bunch up your images all on a certain day then neglect them for the rest of the week. Keep a nice mixture of posts/tweets and images to give your updates some variety.

This Is Glamorous has a beautiful Photo Stream on Facebook covering design, interiors, travel, fashion, art, photography and the daily search for beautiful things. Notice how their gallery stays consistent in terms of the colours, filters and the general overall theme.


Feeling inspired yet?

5) App buttons

Linking to your other Social Media channels is crucial to keeping a strong following.

If your followers on Facebook like what they say, why not make it easy for them to follow you on Twitter or Pinterest too? So instead of simply posting a link (which can come across as a little desperate), integrate the links into your Profile layout.

App buttons are another really simple way to add a little extra flair to your timeline. Personalising your app buttons not only shows you’ve clearly gone to the effort to engage with your fans, but it’s also another chance to add some more colour to your blank canvas of a Facebook profile.

First, create an app image in Canva. Use the custom dimensions 111 x 74 px. There is a wide range of free app logos to choose from, including logos for Pinterest, Behance, Soundcloud, and tons more!

Then to update them on Facebook by simply choose ‘Apps’ from your ‘Settings’ menu. Next, select the app you wish to edit, then click ‘change’ under Custom Tab image. Upload your new masterpiece and Voila! Custom buttons that will encourage fans and followers to take a peek at your other Social networks.

Check out these pretty customised buttons that Primark created for their Facebook page.


 6) Your Campaigns

So you’ve picked your colours, profile picture and cover photo, but stand out content is what is going to really make your page pop.

Whatever Social Network you’re using, these tips can be applied to your content to encourage a strong following and tons of engagement.

A great example of this is Zara. They’ve started to promote their 2016 Spring/Summer campaign – it’s clear, simple and beautiful!


We hope you can make use of these free handy tools for designing your Social Media pages. Once you’ve got your pages looking ready for action you can move on to creating events, competitions, ads, polls, lists and so much more to engage your audience.

Remember, there’s many more tools out there for you to discover, a little research goes a long way!


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