Warning: Small Businesses Are Missing Out by Not Using Social Media

Posted on: 17th January 2017.

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Small business social media

Part of my job is visiting the websites of small businesses.  Coming from a social media background I always take a look to see how they are managing their social media.  The good news, if you sell social media, is that many of them are doing it badly.  Generally, they fall into one of four categories:

  1. They are not on social media – I know, shocking today!
  2. They are only posting on Facebook and missing out on the 317 million active monthly users on Twitter.
  3. They are on Facebook and Twitter, but they are posting and tweeting once a month, if that.
  4. Or the very worst offenders of all – they are pushing their Facebook content onto their Twitter account. The reason this one is so bad is that it doesn’t always display the images so the content sometimes makes no sense without the image.  You’d then have to click on the Facebook link which sometimes no longer works!

Social media takes time and energy, both of which to a small business owner are precious resources.


Social media hurdle

Our advice is: Don’t let them fall at the first hurdle.

Encourage them to start with a workload they can manage. I’d suggest choose one or two platforms to start with and do them well. We/You can help with the content provision to keep their feed active and interesting, but to add the icing (and the cherry) on top of the cake, get your clients to add to the content we provide by uploading photos of day to day life of their business.  The aim being to personalize their company, introduce their staff by having “a day-in-the-life of….”  Their business is fab, help them to present it in its best light so that they receive positive feedback.


Interact with customers on social media

Interacting With Their Customers

Social media enables your client to talk to their customers, even if they are normally behind the scenes.  It enables them to project their business how they want it projected to the public eye.  From here they can show the fun side of their company, interact with prospects and customers, run competitions, handle feedback positively and stay in touch with their audience.


Social Media In 20172017

Social media is here to stay whether small businesses like it or not and if they want to keep up with their competitors they either need to set aside time to do it themselves or get a company like yours (working with Retortal of course!) to do it for them.  If they then commit to adding to the content that is being supplied they really can have an amazing feed that won’t take them hours to produce.  Don’t forget that they could always manage it themselves using your dashboard on a Pro account and you could arrange a follow up call to see how they are getting on. Don’t forget that inside your reseller dashboard you can see just how much content they managed to schedule on their own!  If it looks like they are managing fine then leave them to reaping the profit from the Pro account, if they are not coping scheduling content then arrange a follow up call or meeting to discuss how you can provide them with a fantastic social media service that they can either leave to run on it’s own or that they top up whenever they get a chance to.  Either way, it will be better than some of the accounts I’ve seen out there!

If you have any questions about this blog or want to get in touch give me a call.  I love to talk about all things social!

Barbara Southwell


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