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Posted on: 29th January 2016.

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Manage Expectations

When you first bring a client on board for the content writing service it is vital that you manage your clients expectations.  Retortal is a very low cost service for the volume of content that is supplied.  It is not live social media.  Below we have outlined exactly what you can and cannot expect from the content.


What can you and your clients expect from the content:

The customers that you bring on board that are taking content will fill out an online business profiler which they will find inside their customer login area.  Based on the answers that they provide and their website they can expect to receive the following included within their content from us (assuming that they have provided the information):

Core sales messages about their business. Who they are, what they do, where do they do it etc.

Testimonials about their company.

Awards and accreditations that they may have.

Promotion of specific products or services that your customer may want us to focus on more than others that they supply.

Links to your customer’s YouTube channel and videos within it.

Relevant hashtags to encourage new traffic and followers.

URL links back to their website to drive traffic.

The tone of the content will be aimed at their target audience.

Hints, tips, facts and trivia about the industry that they are in or relevant to the products and services that they are selling.

If included in their package your customer can expect us to either use images they have supplied or we will purchase some stock photography images that are relevant to their company. We will insert this image into a branded template that gets scheduled into the content.  Your customer can expect up to three images per week. If you would like to see examples please let me know.

Generic filler tweets – these are optional and are not relevant to their industry.

Content scheduled across five days of the week – your customers will decide which days they want content scheduled.


What they will not be getting from us:

Anything to do with short lived promotions.

Constantly monitoring a blog and scheduling new blog items as they appear. This can be done via the RSS feed tool by either the reseller or your client as the blog is updated.  We will link to blog pages and blog items but do not schedule content for new blogs daily or weekly.

Scheduling content from the RSS news feeds. This is a fabulous tool that is for use by either the reseller or your customer to schedule industry related news items into your social media feeds.

Things that are happening in the news right now, no matter how relevant to their business/industry.

Tweaking stock photography images to match your client’s brand.

Reactions to comments or questions on their news feeds.

Targeting new followers on their social media feeds. They may see an increase in their followers/likes organically or they / you can use the documents we have provided that explain in detail how to grow a follower list in Twitter or increase exposure in Facebook.


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