When a user logs into Avon On – how are the login credentials carried across to the Avon Social modules?

Avon On would make a call to our API with the users Username and Password (or the third party login details), after which they would receive a token that they would need to store and can be used for subsequent calls. The Username and Password would be stored by us.

Need to understand how the API works – is it multiple APIs for each feature?

No, there is only one API. For each different process the client wishes to carry out, there will be different endpoints (URL’s) which they will be able to connect to. To put this in its simplest of forms, the API is an Office with each endpoint being a locked room, you can only enter the locked rooms with your keycard (token) which you can only get from the front desk with your credentials. Then to enter the rooms you have to present your keycard and if you have the permission you can enter and get the details you need. Each feature of the Dashboard essentially has its own locked room in the Office (API).

When posts and images are pulled does that content still come from our system or should it come from Avon?

The posts and images will come from us. Because they are connecting to our system such as Suggested Posts, all of the data is stored in our database, therefore it will always come from us. Also, because we will be sending posts to different platforms, we need to store the message and image on our system to be able to send them onto the platform.

How are we going to get data on the use of tools and posts published? Does it make a difference if we are integrated vs standalone?

There are two options for this – (a) they can store stats/data on their end, or/and (b) we can keep stats and make some endpoints to call the data. Therefore in theory it does not make a difference, as we would want to keep stats (option b) for ourselves also.