Using Retortal's Platform has...


Doubled our clients retention rates


Allowed recruitment cycles to become 400% more productive in the first 6 months


Increased new recruits monthly revenue by over 250%

Retortal’s platform is unique. It is making Direct Selling communities more productive on Social Media with it’s Community-Driven Social Selling Solution. We work with industry leaders to:
  • Increase Revenues
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Improve Community Satisfaction
  • Increase Recruitment
  • Control Digital Compliance
  • Increase Retention

A small selection of the brands we work with

What Is The Impact?

Using the Retortal dashboard has been proven to significantly increase the productivity of each recruitment cycle. An analysis of new members using Retortal at the beginning of their journeys, vs those that didn’t, demonstrated Retortal users sold 250% more on average and were 200% more likely to continue their new business.

Our cohort analysis, visualised below, demonstrates the significant impact that use of Retortal has on new member recruitment cycles.

New members not utilising Retortal

New members utilising Retortal

Represented in the figures above: New Members not using Retortal sell $100 and New Members using Retortal sell 250% more on average each month ($250). This results in an overall increase in business revenue of 400%, not including the additional New Members brought into the business from those that, using Retortal, have progressed with their business.


A recent study of Retortal’s platform users demonstrates that new members to the business:

Sell 250% more each month

With seller’s publishing your content on a consistent basis (with embedded URLs) sellers can now sell to their social media customer base and drive traffic to their online stores.

Embedded URLs drive Online Store Traffic

18% posts that contain unique seller store URLs drive traffic to the seller’s online store, which drives online store revenue.

Recruitment and Retention

New members not only sell more with Retortal, they also stay loyal to the brand for longer.

New Recruits are 400% more productive in the first 6 months

The ease of publishing your great content, designed to drive online store traffic, means new members see results faster, selling on average 2.5x more each month. This makes them far more likely to continue with their new business.

200% Higher Retention Rates through the first 4 Months

In our study of new members, those that used our software and Facebook Group centric strategy were twice as likely to stay with the business through the first 4 months of their journey.

How Do We Do It?

We work with marketing teams to introduce a social media management & content delivery system white-labelled for your sellers. Sellers can access pre-designed content, professionally designed with unqiue embedded links to their online store. With seller’s connecting their social media accounts, they are able to schedule content to automatically publish and sell on their behalf every day!

Your average seller’s content

Content we help you supply to them

Brand Awareness

1 in 6.5 Posts

Result in visits to the seller’s online store

Using our unique embedded URL system, sellers automatically have links to products embedded in their posts driving digital sales


Brand Created Posts

Have been published by sellers


Digital Marketing Impressions

Generated building incredible brand awareness. To pay for this many impressions through Facebook advertising would cost over $1.5million.


Retortal’s platforms all feature the first pro-active social compliance tool in the industry. Highly customisable per brand and region the tool scans all outgoing posts against your social media compliance rules, providing hard and soft blocks.

Over 300,000 non-compliant posts blocked

Through all of our live platforms we have blocked thousands of non-compliant posts, health or earnings related, from being published on social media, even into secret groups.

Introduction of Coronavirus Protection

Over the last few months many organisations began to see a rise in Coronavirus related compliance issues. We immediately introduced effective Coronavirus compliance measures to protect our clients.

Why Facebook?

Retortal’s Community-Driven Social Selling methodology focuses on Facebook Pages and Groups for a number of reasons.

Facebook is still the king of ECommerce on Social Media, with the most purchase ready users.

Facebook enables the use of external links in posts, which is perfect for sellers to post content that directs their audience to their online store.

Reach rates and therefore marketing value are maximised in Facebook Groups.

Facebook’s 2020 vision focuses on Facebook Groups making them the ideal environment for sellers to build businesses.

The Data

As the data demonstrates, Facebook Groups provide the greatest value to direct sellers, as a marketing channel, thanks to the significantly higher reach rates. This is why Retortal helps brands build FB Group Centric Marketing Strategies.

Social Accounts Breakdown

No. Of Posts Breakdown

Audience Size Breakdown

Calculated Impressions Breakdown

Potential Marketing Value Breakdown

Calculated Marketing Value Breakdown

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