An extension of your marketing team

Every Retortal package comes with a Retortal Content Lab subscription. Our team work with your marketing department to create new social media posts for sellers to use monthly.

Through our process we learn your brand, the persona of your sellers and your processes. We then work with your team on a monthly basis to create fresh images and posts for sellers to publish online.

Working with your brand we can help achieve marketing goals month on month, helping influence the content that sellers are posting online, with fresh content and promotional galleries.

Defining Your Brand's DNA

Analysing Your Current Process

Finding Your Content Mix


Your Bespoke Content Formula

Is the Retortal Content Lab a fit for your brand?


An industry specialised content creation service that works as an extension of your marketing team to create fresh monthly content for use in our platforms. Content is professionally written to drive sales and phrase broadened to provide sellers with unique copy to share with their online audience.


Our content services are employed by start-up Direct Selling Organisations who need additional resources to help their business digitally all the way to global brands that can utilise the unique style of content that Retortal can provide.


Content provided to sellers isn’t your standard style of content used on your official channels. Content needs to be written as if it has been written by the sellers themselves. Our content creation team have gone through hundreds of seller training programs and specialise in writing this unique style of content.

How do we do it?

1. Defining your brand DNA

Through the initial content lab process we learn everything about your brand, your products, what a typical seller looks like, your training, compliance guidelines and anything else that will aid in creating content that looks as though it comes directly from your sellers.

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2. Analysing your current process

Every brand is different. From frequency of campaigns, how regions come up with content, which products are available in each region and a whole other host of variables that make up your brand and the processes in-between. By learning your processes we can design a specific content solution to suit you.

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3. Finding your content mix

Working with your marketing team to determine your monthly content goals, we work to create a mix of different styles of content for your sellers to use online. Content can be used to sell products, educate customers, build brand awareness, engage customers, and even sell products through native pop-streams.

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4. Your bespoke content formula

The Retortal content lab team meet with your marketing department every month. Your bespoke content formula is used to create new posts for your sellers to use each month. Formulas are tweaked monthly depending on business objectives.

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Phrase Broadening Technology

Our in-house technology creates thousands of variations of every post we craft, meaning that sellers aren’t all publishing the exact same content. If thousands of sellers are posting the exact same content through a social media API it can cause issues. Phrase-Broadening is a vital step to protect brands and sellers.

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Unique Embedded URLs

Utilising Single Sign On technology, our platform identifies the seller’s unique identifier. This identifier is then placed into pre-created URLs within pre-written content. When a seller publishes a piece of content it then ensures that anyone that clicks the URL is taken to a specific product on their store for purchasing.

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Post Tracking & Reporting

Utilising Ecommerce APIs and UTM tagging and specific tracking strategy can be created for your brand. Retortal can report back on how often content was used, how much traffic each post generated to the Ecommerce platform and ultimately sales that were generated for each user with each post. Social publishing insights like never before.

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How do we do it?

Our Results

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