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Retortal’s packages are specifically designed for Direct Selling Organisations to do four things:

  1. Increase Digital Revenues
  2. Maximise Seller Retention
  3. Boost Digital Recruitment
  4. Reduce Digital Compliance Incidents

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How can we help?

How can we help?


A state of the art Digital Asset and Social Publishing platform, packaged with expertly written social media content designed to empower sellers and help brands get the right messaging out to their audience.


For any direct selling organisation that want to influence the content that their sellers are sharing to the world. For sellers that want to build their businesses digitally but don’t necessarily know what to post and which assets to use.


The growth of digital social selling has brought many opportunities to the industry, but also threats. Non-compliance has often been a by-product of sellers not knowing what to post. By providing the right content we help sellers grow their businesses digitally, the right way.

Sales Revenues
Digital Compliance Incidents
6 Month Rep Retention

How do we do it?

Mobile Experience

80% of our users are mobile based. Our platforms are designed with the mobile experience in the front of our mind. All of our features function through mobile experience and even add additional options for native sharing through our ShareNow technology.

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Retortal Content Lab

Retortal works as an extension of your marketing team creating a new set of posts for your sellers to use monthly. Posts include images, videos, copy and links to each seller’s online store. Through our Content Lab process we learn everything about your business to create on brand content for sellers to use online.

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Retortal Lite

A state of the art digital asset management and social publishing platform, built specifically for the Direct Selling Industry. The platform allows your business to provide your digital assets to sellers, specific to their region, with the ability for sellers to publish digitally and drive traffic to their online stores.

Retortal Pro

Retortal Pro is an advanced social publishing platform with additional features to Retortal Lite. It allows for advanced automated publishing, statistics, an image creator, live shopping and pop-streams, and plenty of other advanced features for those looking to take their business to the next level online.

Store URLs

Creating posts through the Retortal Content Lab allows for embedded URLs to be inserted into posts supplied to sellers. Through Single Sign On technology we automatically update links to direct a seller’s customers directly to products on their store. This is social media designed to generate direct sales.

Ecommerce Reporting

Utilising UTM and API based tracking, Retortal can provide a whole host of analytics on seller’s social media performance. Statistics can include the use of digital assets, compliance, web store visits and generated revenues. Retortal is connecting the dots between social media usage and digital revenues.


Most Direct Sellers do not breach compliance guidelines intentionally. Providing compliant social media content has been shown to dramatically reduce compliance related incidents. Retortal’s proactive compliance engine scans all text prior to publishing, blocking any non-compliant posts.

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