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Company Overview

Retortal is based in the South-East of England and has been creating the latest and greatest digital social media solutions for the direct selling industry.


Retortal is focused on continuing to be a leader in providing direct selling organisations and their members with the tools they need to be successful in the digital age of direct selling.


A customisable white labelled social media management dashboard featuring automated publishing, access to brand marketing collateral and other tools to empower members to promote your organisation in the right way.


Designed to help members realise the benefits of social media marketing, even those with little social media experience, while still proving the social media savvy with tools to improve their digital marketing strategies.


With industry shifts to online, direct selling organisations have struggled to provide their members with the knowledge & tools needed to keep up with online marketing trends. Digital marketing success leads to increased sales, recruitment and decreased member churn rates.

Compliance Engine

Compliance Engine

A region specific customisable compliance engine scans all outgoing social media messages for words, phrases and any potential income or health claims that break an organisation’s social media compliance guidelines. Educational warnings and auditing systems create the industry’s first pro-active solution to social media compliance.


Mobile Functionality

Dashboards are designed to work on iOS and Android devices. With all the same functionality users can manage their social media, snap, edit and upload lifestyle images to all of their social media accounts on the go.


Image Creator

Image Creator

Utilising pre-loaded customisable templates, brand images, stickers and logos loaded into the system users can easily create their own professional looking marketing collateral for online and print.


Suggested Messages

Brand influenced pre-written social media messages give social media novices a way to get started with online marketing allowing members and brands to be confident in
online messaging.


Suggested Messages
Connect Social Media Accounts

Connect Social Media Accounts

Users can connect all of their social media accounts, groups and pages in one place and schedule online messages to go out at the date and time they decide. This significantly reduces the time required to post on every social media platform every-day and create success on social media.


Asset Libraries

Region specific image and video libraries allow users to access all the latest images and videos that your organisation has to offer. Users can access assets for editing or they can be added into suggested messages to create great social media posts.


Asset Libraries

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Pre-written Social Media ContentPre-written Social Media Content

Organisations can provide their own pre-written messages for members to use on social media. Phrase broadening technology allows for hundreds of thousands of social media messages to be supplied to social media novices to get them started on social media and allows direct selling organisations to influence their messaging and perception online.

Post SchedulingPost Scheduling

Users are able to set social media messages to be posted automatically on all of their different social media accounts at the day and time they decide, weeks or months in advance. Significantly reducing the time and effort needed to market successfully on social media.

Region Specific Video & Image LibrariesRegion Specific Video & Image Libraries

Organisations can upload thousands of images and videos to be embedded into pre-written messages, accessible to be attached to new social media messages or edited in the dashboard’s Image Creator with various logos, brand stickers and other assets.

Translation ServicesTranslation Services

Internal translation means that the dashboard can be rolled out globally. It is currently available in the following languages with more to follow;
English, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Portuguese, German and Thai.

Quick LinksQuick Links

Pre-set links to member’s shops or personal websites can be embedded into messages with the click of a button improving online shop traffic and increased online sales.

Big DataBig Data

Analysis of social media success can relate to specific messaging or the use of image and video assets. Data can be fed back to organisations to continually improve content creation and direct marketing initiatives.

Additional Tools

Social Media Training

Educate and empower users on how to successfully grow their business through social media. The dashboard features PDF and video guides teaching members social media basics, such as how to create their Facebook business page. Optionally PDF and video guides may also be translated.

Content Research

Enables members to search the web for relevant and trending content without having to leave the dashboard. Content Research allows users to find engaging videos and articles, then add them to new social media post natively within the dashboard. Leading to increased audience engagement.

Landing Page Websites

Optional landing page websites for members feature product pages with links to online stores and contact forms give marketing activities a focus, resulting in increased online sales and recruitment. Each website is built specifically for your brand featuring your imagery, text and embedded videos.

Hashtag Research

Effective use of hashtags can significantly increase online exposure. This tool is designed to provide users with hashtags known to work and also ranks hashtags based on predicted effectiveness. Hashtags can be inserted into posts with the click of a button to generate increased online brand awareness.

Case Studies

Forever Living Products UK

Forever Living Products UK Case Study

Forever manufactures and markets aloe vera based drinks, bee-derived cosmetics, nutritional supplements and personal care products through over a network of business owners in 145 different countries.

Mary Kay UK

Mary Kay UK Case Study

Mary Kay is a direct selling organisation headquartered in Addison, Texas that produces and markets cosmetic products through a network of Beauty Consultants.


Herbalife Case Study

Herbalife is a multi-level marketing corporation that develops, markets, and sells nutrition supplements, weight management, sports nutrition, and personal-care products.