The Evolution of Digital Asset Management and Social Publishing

Released in 2023 the new Retortal 2.0 platform is a white-labelled, API-Drive, global digital asset management and social publishing solution designed specifically for Direct Selling and Affiliate Marketing.

Our Platform and Content packages are proven to increase seller revenues by 40% and double the retention raes of new sellers through the vital first 6-months.

The Retortal Platform comes in two variations Lite and Pro to match the needs and budgets of Direct Selling Organisations of any size.


Retortal Lite


Retortal Lite is a global Digital Asset Management and Social Publishing platform. The platform is API-Driven, white-labelled and able to utilise Single Sign On technology. It allows for brands to provide the right content, to sellers in the correct region when they need it with the ability to post to a variety of social channels.


Specifically designed for Direct Selling Organisations or businesses with an affiliate marketing plan. For brands that want to influence what their sellers are posting digitally and for sellers that want to build their businesses efficiently online, the right way.


Brands have lost the ability to influence what their sellers are posting online. The Retortal Lite platform allows sellers to find content and digital assets that their Direct Selling Organisations want them to use and makes it incredibly easy for them to post the content to all of their digital social channels.

Increasing Rep Revenues

Retortal – Increasing Rep Revenues, Retention and Recruitment



An optional upgrade for brands of users that provides additional advanced publishing tools to provide even more power to how they build their businesses digitally. Users can create their own designs using the latest digital assets, schedule multiple posts for automated publishing and view advanced statistics to better understand their digital trends.


Designed for sellers that want the ultimate tools to build their businesses online. Sellers that are comfortable with image creation tools, the ability to run campaigns powered by automated publishing and deep statistics to understand their online audience growth and opportunities for driving additional digital revenues.


Sellers come in a variety of shapes and sizes with varying levels of digital marketing knowledge and experience. The Retortal Lite platform is designed to be simple and easy for any sellers to get started online and Retortal Pro designed to provide them with additional tools once they’ve built confidence online.